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Bloodhound Project

Power Electrics is a proud sponsor of Bloodhound SSC. Labelled a ‘global engineering adventure’, the Bloodhound Project is an exciting education initiative set to inspire a new generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians with a 1000mph land speed record attempt

The provision of power to our Hardened Aircraft Shelter and out on the airfield during our testing, for the 5 weeks we were down there, directly contributed to our successes. Power Electrics is an outstanding service provider and I have nothing but praise for the way you supported us.
Stuart Edmondson, Head of Engineering Operations - Bloodhound SSC.

Power Electrics is playing a vital role in ensuring that Bloodhound SSC have the temporary power they need to achieve their mission, as they design and build a car to break the record. As part of a major ongoing sponsorship deal, the company is supplying the Bloodhound team with diesel generators and ancillary equipment for their major events across the UK. 

The plans were to head to South Africa this summer and for the car to hit the 500mph mark, the current land speed record, but those plans have now been shifted back to May 2019. Recently, the car was tested successfully in Cornwall and whilst plans were in place to test the car in 2018, this new plan will save on cost as the bulk of the car will remain in South Africa.