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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

Our Responsibility

Power Electrics is committed to conduct our activities in a manner that respects a number of policies that we adhere to including our Corporate Social Responsibility, Anti-Bribery Policy and Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Business Continuity

Power Electrics is continuing to monitor developments with respect to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). As this situation develops we have been taking steps to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of all our employees, contractors and visitors.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As the largest privately owned generator specialist in the United Kingdom, Power Electrics has a responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen. This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy aims to demonstrate how we, as a company take into account our economic, social and environmental impacts and in the way which we operate. 

We recognise that we must continually integrate our business values and operations to meet the highest possible expectations of our stakeholders, and to act in accordance with the highest ethical standards. These include our employees, customers, investors, suppliers, the environment and our community at large.

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy is made pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and sets out the steps that Power Electrics has taken and is continuing to take to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain. 

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Anti-Bribery Policy

One of the core values of Power Electrics (Bristol) Limited and its subsidiaries (the company), is to uphold responsible and fair business practices.  It is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in relation to all of its business activities.  Its reputation for maintaining lawful business practices is of paramount importance and this Policy is designed to preserve these values. Power Electrics (Bristol) Limited has a zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption, and is committed to acting fairly and with integrity in all of its business dealings and relationships, and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery.

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Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy

As a company Power Electrics is committed to the prevention, deterrence and detection of criminal tax evasion and the criminal facilitation of tax evasion. Since the birth of the company, we have conducted all our business dealings in an honest and ethical manner. This policy covers how we do business and how those doing business on our behalf should conduct themselves.

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Environmental Policy and Sustainability

Power Electrics is committed to achieving the highest available environmental standards. It is our goal to implement and maintain an effective Environmental Management System throughout our operations that will meet all legislative requirements relating to our work.

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Energy and Carbon Management Policy

We recognise our obligations working within the energy sector to conduct business sustainably as well as minimise energy use and carbon emissions. This will be done in accordance with existing and future statutory legislation and advisory bodies. In view of the current global and national environmental challenges, sustainability has become a major focus of our business strategy. 

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Gender Pay Gap Report

Private companies employing more than 250 people on a snapshot date of 5th April are required to report the gender pay gap of their workforce under the Equality Act 2010. The gender pay gap should not be confused with equal pay.

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Quality Policy

It is the policy of Power Electrics (Bristol) Ltd (the Company) to provide its customers with a high-quality service and to meet contractual specifications and requirements. Where applicable, these services will conform to relevant National and International Standards or regulations. The Quality Management System will be maintained to meet the standards laid down in our BS ISO 9001 :2015 Certification.

Updated 2nd Jan 2024.

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Health and Safety Policy

We recognise our responsibilities as an employer to ensure the "Health, Safety and Welfare" and the prevention of any work-related injury or ill-health of any of our employees or sub-contractors whilst at work, and that the rights of any other individuals are not adversely affected by our work activities.

Updated 2nd Jan 2024.

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