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17 Oct

6 Generator Health & Safety Tips

Hiring a generator that provides sufficient temporary or standby power is one of the most important steps you will take in planning a successful project. Equally important is ensuring that you have answered the following safety questions, so you can be confident that your project runs as smoothly as your generator. 

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1. Is your site suitable for hosting a generator?

If access to your site is particularly narrow, uphill or off road then larger, less manoeuvrable vehicles may not be able to get on and off site safely. Similarly, if onsite space is limited there may not be enough room to safely extend the lorry loader crane stabiliser legs necessary for offloading the generator or to operate the crane and position the generator. You will also require a HAUC notice if you are unloading the generator on a public highway. 

2. Is your site secure?

Generators are extremely valuable so it's important that your site is secure to avoid any theft of units, fuel and tampering. Power Electrics' innovative Containagen product offers a solution for to any security concerns, as your generator will be housed within a fully lockable, heavy duty ISO container. 

5. Can the generator be refuelled safely?

You wouldn't want your generator to run out of fuel, so make sure that the tank can be accessed and refuelled safely, without risk to you, your customers and the public. Find out how you can benefit from Power Electrics' Fuel Management service. 


6. Are all ground-laid cables properly covered?

Help decrease tripping hazards on your site by covering all ground-laid cables with purpose built cable ramps. Ask your Power Electrics contact for more information.

Asking yourself these six questions should help you make a solid start on ensuring your safe usage of generators on site, but there are of course other environmental, health and safety considerations that need to be made, so always consult a professional before embarking on a project that involves power generation. Power Electrics can provide a full site survey to help ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. 

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