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Power Electrics Expands Hybrid Fleet with £8m Investment

26 Apr

Four Reasons to Consider a Hybrid Generator for your Next Project

With advancements in technology and the volatility of worldwide fuel prices, battery powered generators are on the rise.

Within this blog we explore how a hybrid generator could be incorporated into your next project along with the four key advantages. To incorporate real numbers into the blog we will also look at the advantages in relation to a Power Electrics case study.

The Green Factor

The most common and reliable way to utilise a hybrid generator is to combine it with a traditional diesel generator. Very much like a hybrid car, the generator acts primarily as a battery charger or power source when demand is higher, therefore greatly reducing the need for the diesel generator to be running. The reduction in the running time of the diesel generator reduces the emissions output of the generator over a course of a project. 

Hybrid Layout Drawing

Hybrid generators may also be combined with renewable sources of generator such as solar or wind to charge the battery. This could mean that in summer months or windy days, the generator is not required to charge the batteries at all, further reducing the project emissions. 

Case Study

To put the above in context, a customer of Power Electrics recently reduced their emissions by 24 tons when using a hybrid generator combined with a diesel generator over a period of 40 days. This is the emissions saving equivalent of a small family car travelling 64,000 miles. 


Case Studies Case Studies

Reduce Fuel Bills

Along with the green credentials, a Hybrid Generator can reduce the amount of fuel used over a project, therefore reducing project fuel bills. The below is a report generated from a hybrid generator showing the times that the diesel generator was on and off. As you can see, the generator was only required at certain times of the day to ensure the hybrid generator was charged.  

Hybrid report on and off times shown in graph

Case Study

Within our case study in this blog, the same hybrid generator saved the end user 9080 litres of fuel over the course of the 40 days.

Minimise Noise on Site

Hybrid generators are silent when they are running. Although diesel generators have come a long way in acoustic reduction they still make around 75dB(A) at 1m, so therefore when sound is critical a hybrid generator solves that problem. 

Case Study

The hybrid generator within our case study was located near a residential area where sound restrictions were in place during certain hours of the day. As power was required throughout the night for security systems, the hybrid generator was able to run silently, therefore not disturbing the nearby residents.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

In the situation where power is critical it is important that there are no interruptions to the power supply.  With a traditional diesel generator you will experience a slight delay of a few seconds if it is acting as a standby to the mains. When combined with a hybrid generator, the battery system will ensure a continuous power supply. This is particularly important when power is critical, for example computer systems which do not have their own Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

In summary, hybrid generators are able to provide dependable power which is emissions friendly, can reduce fuel bills, minimise noise on site and provide a uninterrupted power supply.

If you would like to talk to a technical expert about how you could benefit from a hybrid generator in your next project please contact us and we would be happy to assist, otherwise you may find more information about hybrid generators by clicking the link below.


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