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16 Mar

The Importance of Back-up Power

Our modern-day reliance on electricity means the likelihood of a power outage occurring increases year by year. With the electrical grid getting older and its load getting heavier, back-up power is more important than ever. Having an independent source of electrical power that supports critical electrical systems when there is a loss of normal power supply means a facility can continue to work whatever happens.

How Does it Work?

In the event of an emergency, an automatic transfer switch will sense the power loss, telling the generator to start and then transferring the electrical load to the generator. Each standby generator has a water heater that keeps the engine at a constant temperature so it’s ready to start reliably and quickly when required to do so.

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Why is a Standby Generator Important to Have?

A standby generator is a necessity to have as it protects your facility from the effects of a power outages, ensuring that important systems and appliances are kept running, and preventing loss of data, information and even life. Statistics have revealed that 34% of electrical power outages are caused by equipment failure due to the electrical grid. We recommend a back-up power generator – natural gas or diesel – that is large enough to power your critical systems.

How Do I Maintain a Standby Generator?

The nature of a standby generator means that it’s rarely used and so it’s easy to forget about required maintenance. Common problems include; aged batteries (whilst the charger provides a voltage, if the battery has failed it will not be able to start the engine when required), belts and hoses deteriorate over time, diesel fuel can become bad, and expansion and contraction may allow electrical connections to loosen over time. It’s useful to keep a maintenance log on the generator for recording that the equipment is regularly being reviewed. It’s important to have checks carried out by a trained generator technician.


Generator Maintenance Generator Maintenance

Does Fuel Management Planning Matter?

Especially in the event of an emergency, it’s crucial to know how long your current fuel storage will allow you to run it for. It’s also important to know how you are going to refuel or source more fuel during a power outage and what kinds of environments/weather will impact your ability to do so. Fuel management allows you to maintain, control and monitor your fuel consumption and is a key element for keeping your generator running. To find out more about our fuel management service, please click here.

Our team are always available to help, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.