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Power Electrics Expands Hybrid Fleet with £4m Investment

Coventry Warehouse

Our team of generator specialists recently worked alongside a client to carry out refurbishment of an existing generator canopy as part of a larger refurbishment project at the UK’s largest warehouse facility.

The Challenge

Varying weather conditions can prove challenging when these types of repairs are being carried out. There were many different areas of the generator set that required our team’s attention, such as canopy repairs, controller replacement, and fuel and tank/generator remedials.

The old obsolete controller - a Deepsea DSE550 – was replaced with a new, Deepsea DSE7410. Our client was upgrading their mains switchgear PLC controls and needed a controller replacement to provide future resilience. A large amount of corrosion had built-up on the door step and so repairs in this area proved challenging.

Standby Generator

The Solution

Once the step plate on the door was removed our team was able to cut away the corroded section and repair. A new skirt to prevent water ingress into the canopy was installed alongside repairs carried out to the bund and rebuilding of the door panels.

The refurbishment was able to address the water ingress, and the canopy repairs have extended the life of the generator. The generator set was serviced, and load tested to ensure it will be able to run reliably when needed.

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