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Hybrid And Solar For Flood Prevention

Power Electrics worked alongside a client in the South East of England to supply a 40kVA and Hybrid generator to a flood prevention area undergoing upgrades.

The Challenge

Our client was using a 50kVA generator that was running constantly – meaning their fuel consumption was needlessly high. This was costly as well as being detrimental to the environment due to the large levels of fuel emissions produced.

Hybrid Generator

The Solution

The flood prevention scheme replaced an existing dam with a larger one to increase the capacity from 10,000 cubic metres to almost 400,000 cubic metres. This reduced the risk of flooding to more than 280 homes surrounding the area and a major airport nearby. A grasscrete spillway will provide scour protection to the downstream face of the dam embankment. The upgraded construction is designed to withstand a one in 10,000-year flood likelihood.

We supplied a 40kVA generator with a Hybrid generator that, when using power assist mode, can produce up to 70kVA. The set was also provided with a solar package which uses daylight to charge up the hybrid, enabling a 96% reduction in generator run-time. As such, the level of fuel consumption was reduced by that significant 96% - allowing for a lower level of CO2 and fuel emissions to be released into the atmosphere.

Hybrid Generator Hire Hybrid Generator Hire
“This project is a great example of how, when working with a customer, the actual technical requirements of a project can lead to a vastly more efficient system and is also an excellent example of the many applications for hybrids.”
Rob Mason, Rental Projects Manager