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Motorcycle Specialist

Our Power Electrics team worked with an iconic motorcycle specialist to transport their generator from one site another, including proper installation of the unit. The electrical and cable installation team worked seamlessly to deliver the project quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge

Our client was moving site and required transportation of their 88kVA generator from their old data centre to a new location. They also required installation of an earth rod to form part of the earth protection system.

An earth rod installation is a legal requirement, it serves the purpose of forming a ground field to create an electrical path to dissipate a static discharge voltage. A challenge faced in this project was restricted access and an Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panel that had already been installed by others without the involvement of our team. An AMF panel, also known as a Changeover Panel, automatically detects a mains power cut and triggers the generator to start and support the load. This meant the client required new cabling to be installed due to the original electrical contractor not providing a suitable connection point or earthing arrangement.


Generator Services Generator Services

The Solution

Our team were able to transport the generator from one of the client’s decommissioned sites which held their IT systems through use of a Power Electrics HIAB lorry. Our team installed the new supply and approximately 150 meters of control cabling. The original AMF panel was commissioned to a new panel.