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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

Multi-Megawatt for Food Processing Plant

Food is a known necessity for all of us, from the comfort it brings on a rainy day to its nutritional value that helps keep us alive and well. We know that ensuring food can be produced safely with reliable back-up power is just as important. Power Electrics team of trusted experts provided temporary power for a food manufacturer whilst its incoming mains source was being upgraded in addition to the installation of a new Ring Main Unit (RMU).  

The Challenge 

Our client required a supply of 5MVA at 11,000 volts to meet their power needs. Our team faced an on-site challenge of ensuring delivery and installation of all equipment including cables, fuel tanks, and HV systems within the two-day deadline.  

Multi Megawatt

The Solution 

Power Electrics operates out of six different depots across the UK, it was thanks to this that we were able to combine rental fleets from several of these depots to deliver a base load of over 1MW and an added impact load of 2MW 

The South West depot was responsible for supplying the larger sets with installation in conjunction from the Midlands depot’s install and transport team. Our East depot also worked alongside our South West depot to put the paperwork and plans into place. Deliveries were made by the teams at the South West, East, and Midlands depots to ensure the two-day requirement was met and power was scheduled for the client, ready to be used.

Multi-Megawatt Hire Multi-Megawatt Hire