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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

New Standby Generator for Hospital

The side of a generator

A hospital in Dorset required a new generator as their original from 1975 needed replacing to ensure the standby power provided is sufficient to support a new body scanner and day ward.

The Challenge

The new generator was required to be located outdoors between two buildings in a confined space. Because of the restrictions a generator with a slim weatherproof enclosure with access to the engine for servicing was required for the hospital. 

The Solution:

After a site visit from a project manager, Power Electrics provided a FG Wilson P300-3 generator complete with a CAE enclosure. The enclosure that houses the new generator is robust and highly resistant to corrosion. In addition to providing excellent outdoor performance, the enclosure also provides good access for maintenance through large side doors. 

To find out more about the FG Wilson P300-3 please click here to view the generator range. 

“The specified generator is ideal for this project. Not only does it perform well, but the 300kVA unit is compact and durable. It’s perfect for moving into tight spaces.”
Kevin Johnson, Regional Sales Manager