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Orkney Project

Power Electrics provided a 2100kVA generator to a manufacturer on the island of Shapinsay, Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland. As an integrated hydrogen energy systems specialist, our client was the first United Kingdom-based fuel cell company to go public. 

As countries develop and the population around the world grows, the global dependency on fossil fuels isn’t sustainable and is only set to increase. By using renewable energy and water, the company is generating one of the cleanest fuels available through a unique design of electrolyser. 

The Challenge 

The electrolyser is responsible for using a renewable energy supply and water to produce hydrogen. The client required a generator as the wind turbine that would eventually supply the electrolyser was unable to provide continuous power to the electrolyser during commissioning. 

2100kVA generator with fuel tank next to wind turbine

The Solution

Power Electrics provided a generator that supplied a 1MW electrolyser plant to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is used in a variety of applications around Orkney, including fuel cell hydrogen vehicles, boilers, and power for docked ferries.  

Sales Manager, Simon Rogers who coordinated the projectalongside Logistics Manager, Ricky Collingwood who was responsible for organising transport from the depot to the site, commented We provided a 2100kVA generator hire for a total of eight months to our client. The job required two ferries to transport two loads to the client’s location."

Multi-megawatt Generator Hire Multi-megawatt Generator Hire
"It was a pleasure working alongside a manufacturer whose main focus is developing cleaner fuel."
Simon Rogers, Sales Manager