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Power Electrics Enhances Fuel Management Service

Hybrid Solution To Meet Environmental Policy Needs


Every project is unique and requires different equipment to meet varying requests. In this case study a customer required a low-emission temporary power solution for site cabins for a new solar farm under construction.

The Challenge

The primary challenge with this project was that the customer required environmentally friendly temporary power to align with their company policies on environment and emissions. There are many green power solutions we can provide, from Stage V generators to Green D+ HVO fuel, in this case, Battery Energy Storage (BES) units were an ideal option. BES, also known as hybrid battery units, can significantly reduce the runtime of diesel generators and as a result cut emissions and fuel consumption.

A construction site has high power demands during the day and a low but constant requirement for lights, cabins, and security cameras through the night.

In addition to the primary power requirements, the customer was also looking to install an electric car battery charger. This meant the generator needed a voltage controller for the charger to be powered.

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The Solution

The solution was to combine a three phase 60 kVA Generator, 400V 50Hz, and a 45kva/90kw hybrid battery unit, this was the best answer to the challenges presented to our team.  The generator could handle the high-power requirements during the day, with the BES handling the quieter night-time loads.

All of Power Electrics’ efforts resulted in:

  • An average reduction of 69% in run time and fuel consumption.
  • A saving of around 115 tonnes of CO2, equating to 5000kg saving each day.
  • Saving the customer just over £80,000 in fuel over the length of the project.
Hybrid Generator Hire Hybrid Generator Hire
The combination of a 60KVa generator and a 45kva/90kw Hybrid Unit was a great solution to help meet the customer’s Environment & Emissions policies. This provided significant savings on emissions and fuel usage, while also ensuring reliable power for the site.
Simon Rogers, Rental Technical Projects Manager