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Urgent Power for Isles of Scilly

In March 2017 the 55 km sub-marine electricity cable feeding the Isles of Scilly was severely damaged by an unidentified boat. It is the only connection between the Isles and the National Grid. This left 2,000 people relying on generators for power.

Power Electrics responded to the urgent situation, deploying four 500kVA generators and fuel tanks to provide an additional 2 megawatts of power while the cable is repaired. 
Transport Manager, Alex Harris commented on the project: “When it became apparent that one of the embedded machines on the island had failed, we responded by dispatching the machines sooner than had been planned, sending the four 7.4 tonne generators and their fuel tanks on the morning of Wednesday 15th March to Falmouth for transporting to St Mary’s.”