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Water Pumping Station

A standby power solution was required to allow for urgent refurbishment works at a water pumping station, ensuring the safe and uninterrupted supply of raw water from a local river to a water treatment works. 

Power Electrics supplied a 2000kVA generator and a 3.3kV transformer to act as a backup power supply in lieu of the existing switchgear and generator being obsolete.

A bespoke telemetry unit was added to the generator set and linked to the Regional Water Authority’s monitoring system to improve communication between Power Electrics and the client. Engineers were also located near the site, which allowed for a rapid response in the event of power being required.

Sales Engineer, Alex Hill, commented on the project: 
“Months of planning for this service was required due to the remote location and complex equipment at the pumping station.”

A task force was formed for this unique project, which included key Power Electrics personnel who provided technical, operational and commercial expertise, contributing to the delivery of a very successful project.