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Wind Turbine Paint Workshop

A decommissioned power station in the UK has been given a new lease of life in generating power. A manufacturer of wind turbines has chosen the site for a blade painting and storage facility. The 80-metre wind turbine blades are sent by barge from the manufacturing plant to be treated before being transported to site. Power Electrics was asked to provide temporary power for the workshop where the blades were prepped, sprayed and cured.

The Challenge

The site required a 500kVA supply to operate the paint workshop. Reliable and uninterruptible power was critical within this project as any loss of power during the spraying and curing process would mean starting over again.

The Solution

Power Electrics has provided 2 x 500kVA generators, both have been configured for N+1 operation via the ComAp control panels. This means that both sets run at the same time, if one set should fail, there will still be ample power from the other and there’ll be no break to the supply. In addition to the two generators, a distribution panel, telemetry and fuel management service was needed to ensure the smooth running of the operation.

Generator on lorry with wind turbine in the background
"With projects like this, having an uninterrupted source of power is critical. The two 500kVA generators, in a redundancy configuration, made sure the client received a reliable supply of power."
Power Electrics’ Andy Wakefield