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Power Electrics' Journey to Green 2022 Report

Power Electrics offers a fuel management service as part of a commitment to provide ongoing support for your generator requirement. Get in touch today for more information about how your generator project can benefit from a fuel management service.

National Coverage

You can benefit from the Power Electrics fuel management service wherever you are in the UK, from London to Manchester and Birmingham to Wales.

Mobile Fuel Bowsers

Your fuelling needs will be met by purpose built mobile fuel bowsers, designed for a wide range of industries and applications.

Vehicle Tracking System

Tracked using the latest satellite technology, Power Electrics' fleet of lorries are designed to accommodate the full range of equipment we offer for your service.


Bulk Storage Fuel Tanks

Designed for stationary fuel storage, the range of bulk bunded fuel tanks are an ideal solution to increase the capacity of running hours of your generator.

Green D+

A unique renewable fuel that delivers at least the same performance as regular diesel and cuts emissions by 50-90%. To find out more about Green D+, please click here.

Complete Managed Service

Your reliable generator fuel management service can be comprehensively managed by our dedicated fuel team.

Contact the Hire Team

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