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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

Generator Transport Fleet

Power Electrics has one of the largest generator transport fleets in the UK, with over 50 vehicles. Having such a large in-house transport fleet means Power Electrics can provide its customers with rapid and reliable delivery of generators across the UK.

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What is the Fleet Made up of? 

The fleet has a number of different vehicles including 23 Hiab wagons, 5 Tractor units, 17 Rapid Response lorries (fitted with generators ranging from 200-700kVA), 4x4s at all UK depots with more than 200 road-towable generators (20-200Kva) and 80 road-towable fuel bowsers.

These vehicles are spread across our national depot network throughout the UK.

All of Power Electrics’ Hiab fleet are manufactured by DAF, with 19 of the 23 wagons meeting Euro 6, the highest-level emissions classification.

FORS (1)

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Accredited

FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes safety, efficiency, and environmental protection in fleet operations. By achieving FORS accreditation, operators demonstrate their commitment to being Safer, Smarter, and Greener.

Power Electrics has achieved a “Multi Operating Centre Accreditation” of FORS covering all our depots, vehicles, and drivers. To achieve this we developed comprehensive Standards in Management, Compliance, Training, Health and Safety, Operational Standards and more in line with the FORS requirements.

We now have detailed Operator’s and Driver’s manuals detailing all aspects of our transport operation – and 103 driving staff have completed training modules relating to safety and security risks.

Power Electrics' large and diverse fleet allows for the direct control of our vehicles as well as drivers. This means we can offer responsiveness and quality of service that few, if any, can rival.
Power Electrics' Transport Manager, Alex Harris