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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

HVO Fuel - Diesel Alternative

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Power Electrics are committed to reducing Greenhouse gases emitted from generators. As we progress on our low-carbon journey and cement Power Electrics' position as a leader in sustainable power generation, we are delighted to offer HVO as an alternative to traditional diesel.

HVO is a high-performance HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel which reduces your carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides and particulates. 

Why Use HVO for your next project?

Help to decarbonise the planet by removing Greenhouse Gases

HVO fuel can significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Reducing on-site emissions can assist your organisation by improving your corporate and social responsibility along with reaching your carbon-cutting targets.

Improve local air quality

By running your generator on HVO fuel you can improve local air quality and reduce NOx levels and particulate matter. HVO fuel can assist your organisation in gaining planning permits and mitigating regulations such as Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) legislation.

HVO compared to standard diesel

When compared to traditional fuels like petrol, diesel and bio-diesel, HVO fuels perform better in various areas along with the reduced emissions. The table below compares HVO to Red Diesel through various properties.



Red Diesel


Aromatics 30% Carbon deposits in fuel system & engine None, Cleans Engine
Cetane Value 45-48 70+ Rapid cold start, lower exhaust emissions, less noise
Engine Oil Ok None: No Sulphur, No Oxidation, No Polymeric Reaction Products
Efficiency Ok Ok: Equal to Red Diesel
Emissions Poor Overall Far Less on All: 35% less NOx, up to 85% Less Particulates
Sulphur Content Ok: 10-20PPM None
Distillation Range Ok Ok
Stability/Storage Ok Indefinite Storage Life
Ash, Metals Ok None: No effect on exhaust after treatment systems
Cold Properties -12C Needs additive thereafter Non additive needed. Production up to -34C. Can be brought to -45C
Density (KG/M3) =835 =780
Distillation Range 180-360 180-360
Heating Value (MJ/I) =35.7 =34.1-34.4
Oxygen (WT-%) 0 0
Stability Ok Very Good
Cold Operability + Additive Ok by inefficient Very Good
In Diesel Fuel (Vol-%)   30-100 Drop in Fuel


Emissions Testing

Independently Tested

HVO fuel has been independently tested in various markets, including manufacturers of engines, all of which approve the use of it with their engines. These tests were carried out on the following equipment:

  • Stage II and Stage III generators; (500 kVA FG Wilson P550 /2506 Perkins)
  • Dennis Eagle Elite VI (Euro VI) refuse collection vehicle
  • ESG carried out a MCERT verified tests on FG Wilson generators
  • Millbrook Testing Ground carried out tests on Euro VI engines for Transport For London
  • Leeds University carried out tests on JCB Generators
  • (Marine) Red Funnel Trial on 8-cylinder Stork Wartsila FHD 240 each 1360 kW

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil Case Studies

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