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Hybrid Generator Hire

Hybrid power generators are suitable for pairing with diesel generators ranging from 45kVA to 100kVA units. When combined with a diesel generator, Power Electrics’ hybrid rental units can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%, helping you reduce your fuel bills and cut emissions on site.

How do Hybrid Generators Work?

Hybrid generators detect when power loads are low, turning off the diesel generator and seamlessly transferring load to internal energy storage banks. When a higher load is detected, the diesel generator is automatically started, transferring the load to that unit and using excess capacity to recharge the storage of the hybrid unit. 

Hybrid Diagram

Benefits of Hybrid Generators

When demand reduces, the hybrid generator takes over the load, therefore turning off the diesel generator and reducing the amount of fuel consumed within your project. 

As a result of burning less fuel, hybrid generators contribute to projects reducing their CO2 and NOx emissions on site.

Due to the battery storage capacity, by utilising a hybrid generator alongside a diesel generator, you will benefit from uninterrupted power supply

Hybrid generators benefit from noise elimination, perfect for sites in close proximity to residential neighbours.

Hybrid Hire Quick Quote

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