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Power Electrics Enhances Fuel Management Service

Generator Fabrication

Power Electrics’ 7 acre Bristol site incorporates a purpose-built, in-house acoustic fabrication facility, as part of the company’s continued investment into the UK’s largest generator solutions depot. This facility places Power Electrics in the unique position of being able to offer you a single source solution for all of your generator power requirements.

The new facility enables all our customer requirements to be completed in one location. Power Electrics can support you from the initial technical survey, through to in-house engineering and manufacture, to full site installation of purpose-built acoustic enclosures to meet and exceed the most stringent of noise restrictions.


Get in touch with the fabrication team Get in touch with the fabrication team

Services Include:

  • Technical Site Survey
  • Full CAD and 3D Solid Works Capabilities
  • Manufacture of Acoustic Equipment
  • Factory or Site Witness Test
  • Full Site Installation
  • Commissioning
Power Electrics Bespoke Enclosures

Bespoke Enclosures

Each Power Electrics enclosure is uniquely engineered and manufactured to suit the generator, noise levels, available space and cooling requirements. UPS and Switchgear Packages can either be incorporated or accommodated separately.

Using the latest 2D and 3D CAD Software all items required within the container can be drawn in situ, allowing for all appropriate access and maintenance clearances around each item to be detailed. This approach not only highlights any issues prior to the manufacture of the unit but also enables us to give the client a full visual impression of the end product.

Enclosures can be engineered to mimic an ISO style container or have flat sides depending on client requirements. Depending on site conditions, the bespoke enclosure can be configured in such a way that a one piece lift can be utilised reducing on site cranage / installation time.

Power Electrics’ in-house spray booth is used to paint all enclosures both internally and externally. Your enclosure will receive the highest possible standard of finish, with the latest 2K epoxy paint technology. RAL colours are standard and special colours can be used by request.

Bespoke ISO Containers

Custom ISO Containers

Power Electrics is able to offer a full range of customised ISO containers: from bunded secure containagen products to a 13.5, fully sound attenuated system; all of which are housed within an ISO style container. As with bespoke containers, the custom ISO containers can offer both UPS and Switchgear Packages as part of the design.

All ISO container conversions start out as a new container brought in 10, 20, 30 or 40ft configurations. The standard containers are then modified to accommodate doors and attenuators at either end or roof mounted. The internal walls are acoustically treated to match the noise level requirements of the client.

Exhaust systems can either be roof mounted or installed internally; the latter is ideal for containers permanently on trailers and as such require the exhaust to be permanently installed.

As with the bespoke container products, our entire custom ISO container range is fully bunded and has a full electrical package which includes internal lighting and small power. Our range of ISO containers are painted internally and externally in the latest 2K paint products to a standard RAL colour. Special colours are also available by request.

Drop Over Canopy

Drop Over Enclosures

Power Electrics is the market leader in the manufacturing of drop over acoustic enclosures. The drop over style has the advantage of providing a more cost effective solution with low installation time, integral weatherproofing and quick access to the generator set for maintenance. These canopies are particularly suited to situations where space at the site is limited and a slab tank is used as a bulk tank.

Drop over enclosures can also be manufactured to be in a demountable format so that they can be shipped to site in kit form. This makes them ideal for use within basements, car parks or where an enclosure is required but access is very limited. The drop over can be engineered to suit any generator set from 5kVA to 2.5mVA.

Sound Attenuators

Sound Attenuators

Power Electrics attenuators are tailored to the volume of air passing through them and the desired noise level to be achieved from any plan room installation.

The attenuation modules are configured to suit the client's specific noise requirement, giving full consideration to the size of the plant room, the size of apertures available or generator housing whether it is a new build or a conversion of an existing building.

Attenuators can be manufactured to be vertically or horizontally mounted. All elements of a plant room installation can be accommodated, including ductwork, louvers' silencers and acoustic doors.