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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

The recent change in UK Fuel Regulations and the increase in the use of Bio-Diesel in traditional diesel has made fuel polishing a major consideration to reduce the risk of fuel degradation in generators.

What is generator fuel polishing?

Power Electrics’ fuel polishing systems works to decrease the strain of fuel storage. They are carefully installed next to your tank and are designed to clean the fuel without the need to have your generator running. The system removes water and any foreign matters that build up by recirculating the fuel. This ensures that your generator is protected from potential fuel contamination issues.

Why do I need to have
my fuel cleaned?

Fuel (EN590 derivatives diesel, gas, oil, MD0 and similar) is vulnerable to several different infections such as water, bacterial content, sludge, asphaltenes, mould and more. The revision of the EN590 fuel regulation in 2011 has meant an increase of biodiesel mix and a decreasing of the sulphur content in it to more or less zero.

What impact can avoiding fuel polishing have?

Not only is fuel contamination dangerous, but it can have great implications on your business continuity plans. Although contaminations should be caught by the primary filter, the most common type of bacteria is typically a large biomass quantity that will promptly block filters and if uncontrolled, has the potential to double in population per 20 minutes.

If the filters are unable to cope, or aren’t water separators, the contamination will most likely find its way to the injectors – meaning a probable costly engine repair.

What does the generator fuel polishing service feature?

  • Fuel cleaning to 10 microns
  • Patented centrifugal cleaning process for maximum sludge/biomass removal
  • Advanced fuel filter/water separation technology
  • Automatic shutdown on service requirement
  • Manual and automatic modes
  • Simple remote monitoring
  • Programmable timer
  • Continually rated

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