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The Generator Specialist, Power Electrics provides many services to our customers, one of which is the load bank testing service.

What is load bank testing?

Load bank testing is the process of using a mobile load bank to accurately mimic the operational load that a generator can achieve. Power Electrics’ use a load bank testing service to test your generator to its full capacity without disrupting the power supply to the building. To do this, Power Electrics will deliver the mobile load bank to your site, where an engineer will apply electrical load to the generator in stages. We currently have a large range of resistive load banks available to meet your requirements and provide a nationwide service.

Why should I choose
load bank testing?

There are several reasons why we recommend you choose the load bank testing service we provide. Some of the benefits are (but aren’t limited to):

  • Reduces chances of power generator failure
  • Helps maintain the required supply of power
  • Ensures that all power systems at a location can produce electricity to their full capacity

What are the load bank testing options available for me?

There are three options available for the generator load bank testing service here at Power Electrics which are:

  • As part of a service contract (usually offered with the B service)
  • Rental of a load bank and cable for use by a qualified customer
  • Complete and inclusive load bank testing service by Power Electrics technicians

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