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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

Dependable Power Solutions for the Utilities Sector

Power Electrics recognises the critical need for reliable and sustainable power solutions within the utilities sector. When unforeseen events like storms or floods disrupt national power infrastructure, utilities face the challenge of maintaining uninterrupted service. We offer 24/7 support and nationwide coverage, swiftly deploying generators from our diverse extensive fleet to ensure continuity of operations.

Our commitment to eco-friendly options, such as Stage V generators and HVO fuel, ensures your operations are not only efficient but also contribute towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

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Where We Can Help

We specialise in addressing the specific requirements of various utility sectors, providing specialised support for temporary power solutions across sites for clean water, reliable electricity, managing sewerage, and telecommunications. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we tailor solutions to seamlessly meet the demands of your project.

Providing a Trusted, Specialist, Resilient, Efficient, and Flexible Temporary Power Solution

Road Towable and Rapid Response Road Towable and Rapid Response

Specialists in:

  • Emergency Power: We provide 24/7 assistance supported by a fleet of rapid response generators to ensure swift emergency power deployment, whether it is to combat power outages or to support power pumps during floods.
  • Storm Cover: With an extensive fleet, with ample capacity, featuring easily transportable and versatile road towable generators, along with one of the UK’s largest generator transport fleets, we are uniquely positioned to provide robust storm cover across the country – from Plymouth to Newcastle. Rapid response means that, in times of need, we can secure your operations against the unpredictability of weather, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during storms.
  • Sustainable Solutions: We offer a range of environmentally friendly temporary power equipment, including Stage V generators and HVO fuel which can help you lower your emissions and align with your sustainability goals.
  • Tailored Solutions: Understanding the unique needs of the utilities, we customise power solutions to seamlessly integrate with specific project requirements.
  • Geographical Coverage – Our specialist engineers ensure that from London to Newcastle, and everywhere in between, we can deliver power across the UK efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to excellence, powered by our expert team, guarantees that we can meet your temporary power needs wherever you are located.
At Power Electrics, we recognise the critical importance of having a fast and reliable temporary power supply in the utility industry - particularly during times of emergency.
Simon Rogers, Regional Sales Manager

Other Products and Services

24/7 support: Our team is ready to take your call day or night, ready to tackle emergency situations, minimising downtime and service interruptions.

Rapid Deployment: Engineered for fast deployment in emergencies, our rapid response generators quickly deliver temporary power solutions to customer sites, with a range of capacities from 200kVA to 660kVA.

Efficient In-house Transport Fleet: With one of the largest in-house generator transport fleets in the UK, we ensure prompt and reliable delivery and setup of equipment to utility sites.

More Sustainable Solutions

Embracing Sustainable Fuel Solutions: Discover how HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), an alternative to traditional diesel, can significantly reduce carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides, and particulates, offering a cleaner fuel choice.

Latest Engine Technology: Temporary power required in a city centre? You may need to comply with the Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) legislation – no problem, our Stage V generators have been made to meet this requirement.

Hybrid Solutions: Battery Energy Storage (BES) Units, offer a cleaner, low-carbon and noise-reducing alternative by combining a diesel combining a diesel generator with an energy storage system. This innovative approach not only enhances fuel efficiency but also contributes to substantial reductions in emissions, including CO2 while minimizing noise pollution.

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