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Power Electrics Meets Stage V

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FG Wilson P65-5

Quantity Available: 4


This FG Wilson P65-5 is ideal for the UK market and includes a Perkins engine, Deepsea 7410 control panel, Leroy Somer alternator, all housed within a CALG sound attenuated, weatherproof canopy

This stock item comes with additional features including:

  • CE Certification
  • Bunded Tank - a dual wall fuel tank offering 110% containment to protect against spills
  • Engine Heater
  • Battery Charger

Please Note: Available for collection/delivery from early March 2021

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Generator Set Specifications
Minimum Rating 60.0 kVA / 48.0 kW
Maximum Rating 65.0 kVA / 52.0 kW
Emissions / Fuel Strategy Fuel Optimised
50 Hz Prime 60.0 kVA / 48.0 kW
50 Hz Standby 65.0 kVA / 52.0 kW
Frequency 50 Hz
Speed 1500 RPM
Voltage 400 Volts
50 Hz Prime Rating These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power. There is no limitation to the annual hours of operation and this model can supply 10% overload power for 1 hour in 12 hours.
50 Hz Standby Rating Standard reference conditions 25C (77F) Air Inlet Temp, 100m (328 ft) A.S.L. 30% relative humidity. Fuel consumption data at full load with diesel fuel with specific gravity of 0.85 and conforming to BS2869: 1998, Class A2.
Engine Specification
Engine Model Perkins 1103A-33TG2
Bore 105 mm (4.1 in)
Stroke 127 mm (5 in)
Governor Type Mechanical
Displacement 3.3l (201.4 cu. in)
Compression Ratio 17.25:1

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