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16 May

Power Electrics broadens portfolio with new gas range

Power Electrics is proud to announce it will join the UK Pramac network to promote and streamline the installation of industrial gas generators throughout the South of England and South Wales.

The new Pramac Industrial Gas range includes several models offering another fuel choice for stand-by and behind-the-meter generators in the industrial market.

Available from 200kVA through to 500kVA, the rich burn natural gas sets provide longer run times and a greener fuel solution with reduced NOX emissions as low as 20mg/Nm3.

Later this year the range will also benefit from additional models, taking the range towards 750kVA.

With growing emissions legislation it will be vital for companies to review new and reliable alternatives to stand-by power
Leigh Preece, Sales Director at Power Electrics

“The new generator sets offer integrated control technology for ultimate flexibility, scalability and robustness for crucial load variations in times of need. They will be particularly attractive for use in urban areas where several local authorities are looking to reduce emissions.” 

Dave Curry, UK Sales and Business Development Manager Industrial Solutions at Pramac, said: “We are delighted to be working with our partners to establish the range and deliver greater resilience and alternative fuel choice. Our partners will provide exceptional levels of expertise from design to install, through to full service and testing."

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