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07 Jun

Power Electrics Enhances Fuel Management Service

Over the last year, Power Electrics has made significant investments in its Fuel Management department – adding more tankers, fuel storage facilities in our regional depots, and improving fleet telemetry. These improvements have been driven by an ever-increasing need for reliable and on-time fuel deliveries.

The Depot Fuel Upgrades:

All our depots are receiving upgraded fuel storage facilities, allowing us to cover more customers and reduce waiting times. The upgraded fuel storage tanks are not only larger but also include a new “bottom-loading” fuel system – which allows us to safely fill our tankers six times faster.

By the end of 2023 all our depots will have been kitted out with these new systems.

Fuel Tankers:

We have also invested in more fuel tankers for our fleet, which now consists of four 13,000 litre and one 8,500 litre tanker. These tankers will be spread across our depots giving nationwide coverage to our customers.

Power Electrics Telemetry (PET):

The new telemetry system will now allow our team to track live fuel-level data from our generator hire fleet. With a new “plug and play” cable design, we can connect to our generators and bulk fuel tanks on site. This has also allowed us to reduce invoice times as all the information is instantly in our system.

Future Investments:

With demand continuing to increase for our Stage V generators, we’re investing in a nationwide AdBlue infrastructure, with new AdBlue storage equipment at all our depots. Our customers will also benefit from an overhauled fuel management software, which will provide even easier scheduling, sales orders, and pricing control. In addition to this, we’re continuing to invest in our fuel tanker fleet, growing and improving it to provide our customers with an even better service.


If you’d like us to manage the fuel for your next project, contact us below.