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09 May

Power Electrics Expands Hybrid Fleet with £8m Investment

Power Electrics has kicked off 2022 with a £2 million investment in 50 battery (Hybrid) units, designed to significantly cut fuel consumption and emissions. May saw a purchase of another 50 hybrid battery units, and in August 2022, Power Electrics purchased an additional 100 units. The £8 million investment will add a total of two hundred sets to Power Electrics’ existing hybrid fleet and allow it to provide more economical and sustainable power solutions for its customers.

“Power Electrics’ investment in energy storage units demonstrates its continued commitment to offering sustainable solutions to its customers,” said Andy Martin, Sales Director at Pramac-Generac UK. “Power Electrics have always been early adopters of cleaner technologies and we are delighted that this deal gives us the opportunity to join Power Electrics on its green power journey.”

John Pullin, Director, Power Electrics, said: “Continued innovation is one of our core values, and this commitment to hybrid battery units will allow us to reduce our emissions even further. When paired with one of our Ultragen Stage V generators, running on Green D+ fuel, this combined sustainable solution will be a market-leading offering. All of which are part of our journey to greener power solutions.”

“This recent purchase will allow us to provide our customers with solutions that will reduce costs and reduce their environmental impact, without affecting the reliable service they’ve come to expect of Power Electrics.” Andy Pullin – Director, Power Electrics.


Hybrid Battery Hire Hybrid Battery Hire
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Hybrid power solutions use single, multiple and/or different energy sources to meet the power demand, for example, diesel generators, wind and solar. This significant investment in 100 45kVA/90kWh hybrid battery units will use efficient energy storage technology as an alternative means of supporting our clients’ varying power requirements.

Whilst each application is unique, having the available technology – combined with our know-how – will ultimately lead to significant environmental and economic savings.

To find out how our hybrid battery units can benefit your next project, speak to one of our generator experts via the link below.

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