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DSE9130 12V 5A

Deep Sea Electronics DSE9130 12V 5A Compact Battery Charger


The 5 Amp Battery Charger has been designed to be permanently connected to a battery, keeping it charged to maximum capacity.  The chargers can be either mounted via DIN rail or to the chassis, using the fixing holes that are built into the case.

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Standard Equipment
Voltage Range - 90V - 250V (L-N)
DC Output - 5 A DC 12V DC @ 13.7 V DC
Ripple and Noise - <1%
Efficiency - >80%
Main Features
The chargers stylish design includes an LED indicator on the front that shows when the charger is in a normal or overload condition.
The chargers do not include any moving parts to give added durability and reliability. They will also continue to operate during cranking and running. All chargers can accept multiple AC voltage connections.

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