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DSE331 ATS Controller

Deep Sea Electronics DSE331 Auto Transfer Switch Control Module


The DSE331 is an Automatic Transfer Switch Controller. The module will monitor the voltage and frequency of the incoming S1 AC supply and in the event of failure will issue a start command to S2.

Once S2 is available and producing an output within limits, the DSE331 will control the transfer device and switch the load from S1 to S2.  Once the S1 supply returns to within limits, the module will command a return to S1 and shut down S2.

Various timing sequences are available to prevent nuisance starting on minor supply breaks. Configurable digital inputs and outputs make the DSE331 fully flexible to suit a wide variety of applications.

The module can be easily configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.

Where there is no DC supply a DSE160 self seeking power supply is required.

The DSE331 also supports many topologies, and includes a clear back-lit LCD display, showing system operational status and warnings.

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Standard Equipment
Continuous Voltage Rating 8V - 35V Continuous
Max Operating Current 168mA @ 12V, 80mA @ 24V
Max Standby Current 39mA @ 12V, 20mA @ 24V
Power Rating
Output A & B Normally open volt-free output 8 A DC at 35 V DC
Output C & D Changeover volt-free output 8 A DC at 35 V DC
AuxiliaryE, F, G & H 2 A DC at supply voltage S1 & S2
Voltage Range 15V to 333V AC (L-N)
Frequency Range 3.5Hz - 75Hz

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