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FG Wilson Control Panel PowerWizard 1.1+

Digital Control Panel


The FG Wilson Communications Interface Module and Software Package allows operators to monitor and control all generator set functions from a virtual control panel on their PC.

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For distances up to 1,000 metres, where it is convenient to have a hard-wired connection, a generator set can be monitored using the Communications Interface Module and Software Package on the operator’s PC or laptop.
Alternatively, when laying a hard-wired connection is not convenient, the same monitoring and control functionality is available, but communication between the operator’s PC or laptop and the Control Panel is made through a modem and the telephone network.
Standard Equipment
Robust electronics package for industry leading reliability
Single menu layout for ease of navigation and monitoring with shortcut keys for immediate access to engine or AC metering.
10.5-32V DC providing a single module to cover the whole FG Wilson generator set range.
Comprehensive range of standard features and options to ensure the most appropriate configuration for your needs.
Serviced using standard EST.
Main Features
True RMS Voltage Sensing
CAN 1 Data Link for communication to electronic engines, CAN 2 (2.1 only) Accessory Data Link for additional modules.
40 unique events log configuration including first, last and number of occurances and real time clock.
Engine and AC Monitoring.
Two display languages (Customer Language & Technician Language)
Up to 5 spare fault channels.
Configurable sender input.
Dedicated key to reset all faults and main menu short cut key.
Run/Auto/Stop keys with LED indicators.
Integrated metering and controls reducing components and wiring, aiding reliability and ease of service.
Generator set voltage and over / under frequency protection.
MODBUS connection to building management system via RS485.
Power Metering.

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