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SDMO 100A Manual Transfer Switch

Manual Transfer Switch


This enables you to connect a generator to a dwelling and manually control, in total safety the source of current in the event of insufficient power or mains supply return. In the “mains” position, the dwelling is powered normally from the mains supply. In the event of a power cut, you simply start the generator so that it supplies power to the house wiring and turn the switch to the backup power position.

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Main Features
Suitable for generators up to 9200 watts (40A, 230V)
Change over switch: 100 Amps
Residual Current Device (RCD): 30m Amps
Generator Voltage = 230V, 40A
Auxiliary outlet: Auxiliary outlet fuse: 10A
Size: 245mm x 195mm x 135mm
This unit must be installed by a qualified electrician

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