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Oil Spill Kit 240

165-210 Litre Oil Spill Kit


The Drizit Oil Spill Kit 240 is primarily for outdoor use for dealing with oil, hydrocarbons, solvents and other organic liquids spills.  Ideal for use at: 

  • bulk fuel and oil storage
  • waste oil collection points
  • fuel delivery points
  • near high risk areas such as rivers and canals.
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Standard Equipment
150 oil absorbent pads (40 x 52cm)
5 oil absorbent socks (125 x 7.5cm)
1 oil absorbent sock (300 x 7.5cm)
2 oil absorbent cushions (55 x 35 x 10cm)
1 dammit mat (65 x 45cm)
3 disposal bags and ties
800g dammit
1 personal safety kit

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