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Plant Nappy Large (Complete With Liner)

Spill Care Product


Plant Nappy is available in three standard sizes.  The secondary containment catchment tray for the contains leaks and spills from equipment on construction sites allowing the water to pass through the sides whilst retaining and absorbing oil to prevent the tray overflowing and oil escaping.

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Standard Equipment
Size: 200cm (l) x 137cm (w)
Absorbency: 18 L
Main Features
The base of the mat is made up of a non-permeable base fabric laminated with an oil soak felt and a permeable top fabric to allow free passage of contaminants.
The side wall is made up of the same permeable fabric with a self standing and recovery structure built within a different felt type with specific properties which allows free passage of water but still retains any contaminant residue.
The design is such that any drips of oil or fuel are caught in the base structure, as rain, or water from any source falls onto the mat it is allowed to escape through the side walls being filtered of contaminants as it leaves.

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