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Plant Pillow Single

Spill Care Product


Plant pillow is ideal for all your workshop needs. The high capacity absorbing cushion is designed for use within a wide range of industrial environments including vehicle/plant maintenance, general manufacturing and all areas where potential drips from plant and equipment exists. The use of a plant pillow prevents the spread of contaminants. The soft cushion is an excellent absorbing workbench for dirty tools preventing damage to tools and staining of work tables.

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Standard Equipment
Size: 55cm (l) x 35cm (w) x 10cm (h)
Absorbency: 8 - 10 litres
Absorbent cushion: 100% recycled polypropylene cushion capable of absorbing up to 10 litres of oil.
Flexible bund tray: Manufactured in high visibility yellow PVC at 300gsm PVC which is flexible and resistant to most hydrocarbons and chemicals. The strong high frequency welding construction provides an easy access open pocket to house the absorbent pillow.
Main Features
Capable of containing and absorbing all liquids – available with an oil selective, maintenance or chemical absorbing cushion
Lightweight robust and durable
Tough, flexible PVC constructed bund will not crack or break if dropped or driven over
Absorbing cushions will not leachate
Cost effective compared to alternative flexible absorbing drip trays
Versatile and portable
Helps improve housekeeping

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