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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

Green Solution for DNO

A regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO) was tasked with diverting its existing overhead line underground, to avoid a major new trainline route. This involved completing a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) under the area of land, and the addition of a cable sealing end tower, this is a specific type of tower that enables the cable to go from overhead to underground. As part of their works, Power Electrics were tasked to supply a reliable, sustainable temporary power solution throughout the duration of the construction project.

The Challenge

For a site to be functional continuously, a distinction needs to be made between what is necessary during operational hours and what needs to be powered during the so-called “quieter” periods. A non-stop construction site’s noise pollution can be disruptive to workers and nearby residents alike. Therefore, steps to minimise this had to be taken.

Most importantly, however, was trying to reduce the emissions that a site such as this can produce. The DNO and its client had made it clear that this project had to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Solution

With these challenges in mind, the Power Electrics team came up with the perfect solution. During operational hours when a higher load was required, a 65kVA Containagen was the answer. Running on HVO fuel, instead of typical red diesel, was an obvious choice. HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil fuel, it reduces your carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides, and particulates.

The Containagen provided several benefits including being acoustically optimised, which helped reduce the noise output by 10 dBA in comparison to a standard skid-based generator. You can find out more about our Containagen generator here.

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The Containagen was combined with one of our Hybrid Units for use outside of ‘typical hours’ – when the site load dropped significantly, but power still had to be maintained. The 30 kVA/60 kWh Hybrid unit discharged and supported the site, powering things such as emergency lighting, offices, and other security requirements. With the addition of the hybrid unit, the DNO and Power Electrics were able to meet and comply with the site’s noise permit, and consequently reduced generator run-time & fuel consumption, whilst ensuring the 24/7 power requirements were fulfilled. This provided plenty of environmental benefits such as cutting CO2 production.

A report conducted showed that with the Containagen combined with the Hybrid Unit a 35% reduction in both the Generator run-time and fuel consumption. This equates to an estimated £500 per week fuel saving and a reduction of 20 tonnes of CO2 in just a matter of months. In addition, by using HVO fuel, another 23 tonnes of carbon were saved in the first 4 months of the project.

HVO Fuel HVO Fuel
“This project provided a number of challenges; differing peak power requirement as well as a 24/7 supply, in addition to the low noise requirements at night and the desire to lower emissions as much as possible. The combination of a Containagen, HVO Fuel, and a hybrid unit was the ideal solution and addressed these challenges.”
Alex Hill, Business Development Manager