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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

Oxfordshire Science Research Park

A purpose-built cluster of offices and labs; science research parks are designed to support the research and development of science and technology. Extensions to the buildings of one major science research park in Oxfordshire lead to a significant increase in power requirements.   

To mitigate the risk of the buildings losing power, the sites are fed from two separate HV supplies. One of these supplies needed work to accommodate for the increase in power requirements.

The Challenge  

Whilst undertaking the maintenance, the site needed to maintain two separate supplies to the building (N+1) so the on-site HV team could work on splitting, diverting and jointing an extension to the HV ring and add the extra capacity.

Transformer connected to generators

The Solution  

To ensure the site remained operational with two separate feeds, Power Electrics provided a 2.5MVA 11kV temporary power package. Utilising 2 x 1250kVA generators in parallel, and stepping the voltage up through an 11kV transformer, and connecting into the sites HV Switchboard we were able to ensure it remained operational with their usual two separate supplies.   

Rental Projects Manager, Rob Mason, said “Here are Power Electrics we have become used to the need for temporary HV installation within a short time-frame. While the on-site team worked on the HV ring, we kept the lights, kettles and important work at the science research park operating”.  

Multi-Megawatt Generator Hire Multi-Megawatt Generator Hire
Two Megawatts

Working closely with the client and the end-user - developing and amending their switching schedules to accommodate - all three parties worked together to minimise any risk of power loss.

The power package was installed, commissioned and signed off over two days, and subsequently disconnected and removed in one - leaving the three days of work in-between. It allowed our customer to meet the commitment to their customer; of completing the work within one week. 

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"Here are Power Electrics we have become used to the need for temporary HV installation within a short time-frame."
Rob Mason, Rental Projects Manager