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Power Electrics' Annual Sustainability Report

Royal Ascot 2022

Royal Ascot is an event that Power Electrics looks forward to every year, and this year was no exception. The event required full project managing and fuel management to run over 60 Generators and Hybrids combined across the site. This is a task that Power Electrics took head-on.

The Challenge

The main challenges to this scale of event are a combination of short delivery times, large amounts of other contractors, and limited space at the site. On top of this, as it is the world's largest flat horse race meet, a level of customer service beyond that of 5-star hotels is expected. An additional challenge set by the customer was for all suppliers to use innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the event.

Hybrid #2

The Solution

The solution to all the challenges posed was to use load demand sync packages across the site, and then where possible use hybrid battery units to reduce runtime.

Before any generators were put in place, a detailed study of the load requirements was completed. This led to generator sizes being assessed and reduced in several locations, and even removing them all together from other areas.

The hybrid battery units played a major role at Ascot, being used to reduce generator runtimes as well as providing silent power in broadcast and media areas. The hybrids were also utilised in a power assist mode on a temporary hotel setup on site, consisting of 76 Bunka bins.

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Power Electrics proved that the technology is there and can be used to support loads in different ways that previously was not possible. By reducing generators on site and utilising hybrid battery technology across the site for a variety of use we managed to save the customer money on fuel and made a CO2 saving of 11,033kg.
Power Electrics’ Project and Solution Manager, Rob Mason

Due to this success, work has already started with the venue for Royal Ascot 2023 to see how we can improve even more with some equally challenging requests being put forward.

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