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Multimegawatt Temporary Power to Avoid Network Blackouts

Providing back up power to any customer can have a number of different tasks and challenges. In this case study, a university based in the Midlands approached Power Electrics to find a solution to back up a substation due to the risk of network blackouts.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge faced on this project was the limited space available for the backup power equipment. The substation in question required 5MVA of power, so a solution was needed to fit the required power supply into the limited space. This project involved careful planning to establish where all the generator sets could be placed, especially due to the size and weight of the equipment that was needed to reach 5MVA of power.

The Solution

Power Electrics provided the customer with a solution to break up the required power into smaller generators that could all be synchronised together mitigating the risk of down time. Ten 500kVA generators were chosen as they could be unloaded and installed in the limited space made available around the university buildings. The total capacity of the solution reached the required 5MVA, meeting the client's needs.

The Power Electrics team worked closely with the customer, from the first meeting to the end of the hire, to ensure a seamless process throughout the project.

“Our team of experts provided guidance and advice on the best temporary power solution for the client's needs, taking into consideration the space limitations and other requirements. The solution we provided was reliable, efficient, and quick to install, providing the necessary protection against network blackouts.”
Lee Sharp (Sales Manager – Rental Major Accounts)

If you have a temporary power requirement but limited space – or another kind of onsite challenge – speak to one of our generator specialists at the contact link below.